Why a script for a play on Human Rights and Older People?

The latest Press Release from the Two Moons project outlines why a script for a play on Human Rights and Older People is so important in these times with the implementation of extraordinary measures.

Awareness among older people and wider society of what human rights look like in our day-to-day lives is low

“I have learnt that I have the right to be seen as a human, even I am over 60 years old.”

“I thought I wasn’t affected by human rights issues but I am.”

Negative stereotyping is leading to discrimination, isolation and exclusion of older people. Older people are constructed as passive recipients of care, a cost and “burden” to society, expendable for the greater good in some countries. Constructing older people as ‘different’ creates a space where older people can be treated differently, leading to abuse and neglect.

Now more than ever older people need to know that they have the same rights as everyone else to have their life protected, live with dignity, their autonomy respected  and be able to participate in society.

The Two Moons Documentary Theatre Script makes human rights ‘real’ and relevant to the day to day life of older people. It can empower them to speak up and assert their rights. It also makes visible to policy makers, health, social care, legal professionals and human rights advocacy groups where public institutions are failing in their obligation to protect older people’s rights empowering them to become agents of change”