Two Moons Documentary Theatre script finalised

The Two Moons Documentary Theatre script has been finalised and is ready to be used in the Two Moons Documentary Theatre and Talkback workshop taking place on the 25 March 2020 in the Lab, 1 Foley St, Dublin 1.

There are limited places so any organisation or drama group interested in being that agent of change in empowering older people to claim their rights please register now.

Two Moons is an educational resource to inform and enhance the knowledge of older people and wider society of human rights and how these rights should operate in practice. It creates a space for older people and the wider public to witness situations where older people’s rights have not been upheld.

The four interlinking education resources are being developed:

  • Two Moons Booklet: My Human Rights, My Wellbeing
  • Two Moons Our stories: Human Rights and Older People in Europe: a Documentary Theatre script
  • Guide to hosting the Two Moons Documentary Theatre and Talkback
  • Listen to my Story: Human Rights and Older People’s Experiences , individual audios and information packs




Documentary theatre is theatre that uses pre-existing documentary material (such as newspapers, government reports, interviews) as source material for stories about real events and people.  The Two Moon Documentary Theatre script brings to life, stories older people tell of situations where their rights have been infringed. Monologues are used to convey the stories and these are linked together as a play in the scripts.

Extract from script:

We need to understand as individuals and as a collective that the smaller the circle of life becomes, the more it needs to be of quality. The whole conversation around aging must change. Often the most brilliant solutions are simple. People’s attitudes are shifting. Ordinary people are concerned about the state of our elderly care. This is a new thing. This is a good thing. We are not willing to put up with just anything anymore. Are you? It’s time to start demanding actions from politicians. It’s time for change. Always remember it is in darkest and deepest winter that spring is born. Our New Winter War begins right here, right now. (With hope and optimism) Let’s make sure to leave no-one to survive alone. (All characters in unison) Let’s leave no-one behind.

Read the full script here