S.IN.CA.L.A Supporting Informal Carers: A Whole Family & Lifecourse Approach project will meet common need of all EU countries: to address the challenge of providing care and support to an ageing population, particular among the older old (80+). In all countries, there will be a need for an increasing
number of families to provide care. To achieve this, policy and supports for family carers will be
S.IN.CA.L.A will provide an intervention programme that can be used by professionals working with family carers to support them build resilience to maintain capacity to care.
The first S.IN.CA.L.A Partner Meeting took place in Tallinn, Estonia on 13 and 14 November 2018. It was great meeting everyone face to face. Ivar representing our Estonian partner, MTU EEsti Omastehooldus, hosted the meeting. All of the partner countries made presentations as to their plans for developing the different outputs. It was a very informative and marked the beginning of a great and worthwhile project that will hopefully benefit family carers in the countries involved but also the wider European family.
Erasmus SINCALA Information leaflet

Successful Meeting leaving us tired but happy

S.IN.CA.L.A first partner meeting Tallinn